The 10 best Instagrammable places in Warsaw

Are you looking or the most Instagrammable places in Warsaw, Poland ? This article is  for you, it covers them all (with exact locations included). 

If you follow my adventures for a while, you know how bad I love Poland and that I’m always so happy to go back there. In two years, I’ve been 3 times in my favorite city, Warsaw ! 

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I mostly take my Instagram photos with my Canon 80D (sometimes use with my smartphone !). Instagram tips : either when taking a photo with a camera or a phone, you should always use the wide angle option. 

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The best instagrammable places in Warsaw 

Palace of Science and Culture

The Palace of Science and Culture is the tallest building in Poland. You can’t miss it when you visit the city of Warsaw. The Palace of Science and Culture is in fact a gift from Joseph Stalin to the Polish people.

For me, the best place to take an instagrammable photo of the Palace is to take it at the Świętokrzyski park. There you are at a comfortable distance to take the whole building and it’s also the only place where there is no bus or car in your field of vision.

Lazienki Park

The Lazienki Park is the largest park in Warsaw (and it is clearly one of my favorite places!). It’s very nice to walk around, especially during the summer! In the middle of the park you can find the Palace on the Water (the Palace you can see in my photo).

Here is the exact position on the map in the park to reproduce the same photo :

Warsaw Old Town – Plac Zamkowy

The old town of Warsaw was completely destroyed during the Second World War. Thanks to archives and testimonies, it has been able to reconstruct the city almost identically. I literally fell in love with Warsaw when I saw all these colorful houses.

Zamkowy Square is without doubt one of the most visited places in the city! If you really want to take an Instagram photo without anyone on it, I highly recommend getting up early and being there as soon as the sunshine.

Adress : Plac Zamkowy

Warsaw Old Town – Rynek Starego Miasta

You can find colorful houses in every corner of Warsaw’s old town (not just at the Plac Zamkowy Square !). I really advise you to get lost in the small streets of the old town. During my last stay, we sat 10-15 minutes on a bench located on the Rynek Starego Miasta to observe the facades of all the houses in this square!

Address: Rynek Starego Miasta

The roof of the Warsaw University Library

Students at the University of Warsaw can enjoy a beautiful garden on the roofs of the University library (little bit jealous as there is not such thing in Brussels University :D). The gardens are accessible to all, free of charge.

From above, you have a view of the Palace of Science and Culture, the old town and the Vistula river. It’s definitely a place to go during a city trip to Warsaw.

Note: the gardens are not fully accessible during the winter.

Adress : Dobra 56/66

Holiest church 

When visiting the Holiest Church of Warsaw, you need to eat  an almond croissant from Heritage shop & wine located right in front of the church! Without a doubt, the best almond croissant I have ever eaten! If you want other good places in Warsaw, be sure to read my article Where to eat in Warsaw.

Adress : Marszałkowska 37

Sainte Anne Church

You need to climb the tower of St. Anne’s Church to enjoy a unbelievable 360 ° view of the city of Warsaw. Before discovering this incredible view, you will first have to climb the 150 steps of the tower.

Price : 6 Zloty (1.40 euros)

Adresse : Krakowskie Przedmieście 68


Kościół Świętego Krzyża

The Kościół Świętego Krzyża is a Catholic church in the Baroque style located in the center of Warsaw.

For this photo, you will have to be patient! The Church of the Holy Cross is located on a very busy street. There’s not a lot of perspective, so I recommend taking the picture with the wide-angle option of your camera to make sure you have the whole church in the picture. In order to add some originality to the photo, I decided to use the light pole as part of the photo.

Adresse : Krakowskie Przedmieście 3


Street art in the Praga district

If you like to go searching for street art when you travel, I advise you to go to the Praga district! The Praga district is located on the right bank of Warsaw, you just have to cross the bridge (located near the old town). There are many street arts everywhere in the neighborhood.


Jeff’s – Hala Koszyki Warszawa

The Jeff’s café is a restaurant-diner where we had our first breakfast. You can eat delicious American pancakes, it is also a very instagrammable place. We were immediately immersed in the American spirit thanks to this incredible decoration.

Address: Koszykowa 63, 00-401 Warszawa, Poland


I hope you liked this article where I share with you the most instagrammable places in Warsaw ! If you know of other places, don’t hesitate to leave a comment ! 

Where to stay in Warsaw ? 

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