The 10 best travel app to be organize and to save money

Hey guys, today I want to share with you all my best tips and travel app.


I use this app every time I’m going on city tip trip, it’s the best way to find cheap and good place to stay for a few days. Thank to my link you can have -30$ for your first stay (= one night free !). I’m mostly using the app to chat with the renter. However, I find that its more easy to search for the good place via the website.



Easiest way to book your flight, do the check in and you have all your flight info. You don’t need to print your boarding pass thank to the QR code. I mostly travel with Ryanair but it’s the same with all the airline company.

Google trip

How have I not discover this app before ? It’s really the best app ever to plan your trip with all the thing you need to see and the best places to eat. This app is linked to google map. You can fav all the place you want to see on google trip and once on google map you have a star where the monuments and places are located.


Every time I looking for a place to eat, I check this app. There is different filters to be sure to find the best restaurant depending your need (money, distance, type of food, …).


This app shows you all the public restroom near you and the app works also without data.

XE : currency

This app helps you to convert every currency.

Google maps 


It’s not always easy to split the bills with all your friends when you travel.

Google translate

Even if English is an international language, in Warsaw we met some people who cannot speak it. I especially like this app for the camera option. You just need to scan a text and the app will detect all the word and translate them.


Weather pro